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From warehouse rehabs to ground-up construction, we lead mixed-use developments in identifying maximum value opportunity, bringing properties to life.

District Lofts is a two-phase 1-2 bedroom luxury rental development in Birmingham’s (MI) Rail District surrounded by up and coming art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. The development focuses on blending modern and urban design through contrasting exterior materials of brick and concrete, warehouse design windows, and clean-industrial style balconies.

The Parkway is an 18 story 1-2 bedroom condominium development in the heart of downtown Chicago’s prestigious Gold Coast neighborhood. Originally constructed in 1963, the building underwent a major exterior facade restoration as well as common area make-over. The Parkway features stunning views of downtown and the lake and offers outdoor urban walkability while maintaining an indoor exclusive and peaceful environment.

Canfield Lofts was the first upscale urban residence which played a major part in the revitalization of downtown Detroit. Originally built in 1921 home to Downtown Buick Service Center, this then abandoned warehouse was repurposed in 1998 by a collective of visionaries and has since inspired a resurrection of Midtown Downtown – as planned.

Originally built in 1926, this repurposed warehouse has since been described as a key component to the resurrection of Midtown Detroit. Located in the heart of a now vibrant district, this mixed-use warehouse restoration of an obsolete building, houses both condominiums and a yoga studio. It has been referred to by many as a pioneers answer to urban living.

About our Team.

Cataldo Development is led by the long-time regional development leader, JC Cataldo. JC began his career building estate homes in Oakland County, Michigan. In 1998 he transitioned his focus to follow his vision for renewing urbanism in Detroit. Isolated on a corner gated with barbed wired, JC’s first monumental accomplishment came when he and partner Colin Hubbell turned a long-abandoned auto factory into what is today the Canfield Lofts – the now proud neighbor of Shinola and the epicenter of Detroit’s revitalization. In addition to his construction and development background, JC sat on the board of the City of Birmingham’s (MI) planning board for four years during a period of developing the city’s extended Master Plan. JC has an extensive and diversified background in architecture, planning, construction and development and is a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

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